“There has been times where I thought I was in love until I… came.”

Patrice O’Neal.

(And I thought I was the only one).

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“There is no one right way to live.”
— Daniel Quinn, Ishmael (via wordsnquotes)

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Ramon Clemente, 2014

Ramon Clemente is a St. Albans native and professional basketball player for Pallacanestro Mantovana in italy. Ramon attended John Bowne High School but never played for the school because of bad grades. He hung out with the wrong crowds and cut class every day; resulting in him not completing high school. At one point he tried to go back to school, but every school he tried to enroll in wouldn’t take him because of his grades.

One of his Coaches Steve Furtado convinced him to obtain his G.E.D. in order for him to play college basketball. Ramon went on to earn his G.E.D and then Ramon’s life Changed. Coach Steve encouraged Ramon to go to a junior college exposure camp where there would be college recruits. During this time, Ramon was focused on being a rapper. Due to this, Ramon passed on Coach Steve’s offer because he wanted to go to the studio to record a song. However, He eventually went to the camp after being cursed out by coach Steve. Ramon managed to do good in the exposure game and was offered several junior college scholarships from around the country. 

Ramon went on to play college basketball for Paris Junior College in Texas and Wichita State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree. In 2013, Ramon and Team Puerto Rico won silver at the FIBA Basketball World Cup in Spain. He has played professionally overseas for 5 years. 

This Year, Ramon teamed up with his crew the “Noodle Cup Gang” and give back to the St. Albans Community with a basketball clinic.Teaching kids young athlete’s about teamwork, sportsmanship and staying focused on school.

My dude!

“In conlusion, there is no conclusion. Things will go on as they always have, getting weirder all the time.”
— Robert Anton Wilson, Principia Discordia (via burningonyx)

Kanye West on J Dilla


Favorite picture of any revolutionary figure. I think I love it so much because people who speak about social issues are always hit with this stereotype that we are a bunch of sensitive people who complain to much. Look at the joy and happiness he has. All I really want is justice. If you can’t fight for justice what can you fight for?

Peace Kwame Toure

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“I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion.”
— Jack Kerouac, On the Road (via mimotchi)
“Anyone can achieve their fullest potential, who we are might be predetermined, but the path we follow is always of our own choosing. We should never allow our fears or the expectations of others to set the frontiers of our destiny.”
Martin Heidegger, German phenomenologist. According to him, a good life was not possible unless you were living authentically, directing your life on your own terms, rather than following the blueprints set by others.  (via melancholic-maze)
“The most thought-provoking thing in our thought-provoking time is that we are still not thinking.”
— – Martin Heidegger (via that-not-so-famous-chick)